Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shopping in England...

cause you have too! When it's so damn cheap, it would be stupid not to. And to be honest it is what most of my money go to when i'm here and a bit of food too. But hey, i'm a girl so it's okay, right? Well I've bought a few things already, mostly clothes. Ohh and a lovely pair of shoes! Here we go:

Long cardigan from New Look £22

Miso Long Cardigan from Republic £24,25 or buy 2 for £30

Soul Cal Check Dress from Republic £26,41 or buy 2 for £30

Purple open waisted with twisted front peep toe by Roberto Vianni £35

This is just a few of the things i've bought so far. I really needed some cardigans/jumpers, whichis why i've bought three being here already. Then there's the dress from Republic, it's actually not something i would normally go for, but i thought it was kinda cute, and a good every day dress, which i have none of, i always end up buying fancy dresses for going out. Plus i got a great offer with the grey cardigan and the dress for £30, bargain!

The purple shoes were the first thing i bought, actually only one day after i got here, and i absolutely love them! I've been wanting some purple shoes for a while, just haven't seen any i liked. But now i've got some, and i have bought a really nice purple dress from ZARA that goes perfect with them. I'll post that too when i get a good picture of it. So far i'm really happy with everything i've bought, just hoping it can fit it all in my suitcase for the journey home.

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