Friday, February 27, 2009

Back to blogging and shopping...

First of all I wanna apologize for being such a bad blogger. I just haven't had much to share lately i guess or maybe i'm just not the blogger type, i really don't know. But i'll keep posting things whenever i've got something on my mind or heart that i wanna share with you guys, so please still come by and read it whenever :)

And yes i've been shopping again! Not a lot really, as i wasn't suppose to buy anything for the rest of this month, but I found a bit in Topshop, the bad thing about working in a shop, you get tempted every day, it's so hard, haha! Anyway, i just bought a pair of shorts, been looking for some black shorts for a while and these were the best i could find. Plus i can use them now with tights under and for the summer too!

Black shorts from Topshop

I also bought these slipper boots as they were a real bargain, and i always have cold feet, especially living in a basement. The colour of them change a bit, mine are a bit more golden than grey. But they are soooo soft and lovely to wear!

Eskimo-Furry Slipper Boot from Topshop

That was all for now. I've decided that i'm gonna try not to buy anything in March. I know it's gonna be so hard for me, as I love shopping. But i'm going to the UK last week in the month so I wanna save my money for that. Hopefully it's possible. And i think it's time to start looking for some new summerclothes too, I really haven't got a lot. All my dresses are dark and all my tops are old.. hehe. Plus I really need some more colourful clothes. I'm just not good at buying some, I always end up with black or dark classic colours, I need help!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kings of Leon in the spot light

These four guys (three brothers and their cousin) from Tennessee, US have really moved up the charts the last couple of months with their newest album "Only by the Night", including hit singles such as "Use Somebody" and "Sex on Fire". They have played for years, but in Denmark we haven't heard much of them until now, or maybe that's just me...

They have for sure proved themself with their new album, which is a big success all over Europe, where they also are on tour right now. And i must say i'm a big fan! I'm kinda annoyed with missing the chance to see them when they were in CPH last week. Hopefully they'll be back again some day soon. I just really like their music, i've only just got the album, but i already love "Use Somebody", such a great song, and i love his voice, brilliant! What do you think about them?

Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

Another round of shopping!

We all buy things even if we say we've got no money. Somehow you can always find some money if you see something you just must have! It's not only cause you really want it, but it's cause you need it, right ladies? I think we ladies always need clothes, shoes and bags, you can't have enough!

Last week I went away on holiday for a long weekend, and of course being somewhere new, i had to go shopping. There was only one tiny problem, i really didn't have a lot of money. I still got away with buying some new jeans though. To be honest i've been looking for a good pair for such a long time, and finding these Miss Sixty there was no way i wasn't gonna get them! I already have a pair of Miss Sixty and they have been my favourite jeans for years. They seem to be the only ones fitting me perfect, so i don't mind paying a little extra for some really nice jeans.

At the same time i found this bag from Friis & Company, and i really liked it. (Looks better irl than on this picture). But not having a lot of money i ended up only picking one thing, the jeans, which i have regretted ever since! (not buying the bag too, i mean). I went to buy it on the last day but the shop wasn't open. I then hoped that they would have it back in Odense, but sadly no... I have now bought it online, which of course have cost me extra for sending it with the post, so annoying, but at least i'll get my bag!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Song in my head # 1

I've decided to do this thing called Song in my head. I quite often have a song in my head for a whole day, sometimes more annoying than others, but as i love music i'm gonna write about it here, maybe it will even get the song out of my head...

So today's song is called "Dreaming with a broken heart". I think it's original by John Mayer, but i first heard it not too long ago in the Danish X-factor '09. This very young boy called Lukas is doing a really nice version that i absolutely love! What do you think of it?

When you're dreaming with a broken heart
The waking up is the hardest part
You roll outta bed and down on your knees
And for the moment you can hardly breathe
Wondering was she really here? Is she standing in my room?
No she's not, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone....

Going on holiday with your family

I've just got back from three days in a summerhouse with my parents and boyfriend. And i think i've realized i'm getting too old for that now. I've for years been going away with my parents, and it's been great, sure. And the fact that you get to go away on holiday for free, is really great, yeah i know that's a bit lame, but i wouldn't be able to do it on my own. So i'm really happy i've been able to come along with them for so many years, but this might be the last to be honest.

I love my parents, of course i do, but lately things are just really getting on my nerves at home. We just seem to argue most of the time, and never have any proper conversations. Well to be honest, i've never been close to my parents, so that's nothing new. But i think i'm getting to the point where i really wish i wasn't living home anymore. I still feel like a child being here. Like i'm not in full control of my own life, and it's really annoying, being as old as i actually am.

Going away on holiday doesn't make things better. Being in the car today was killing me! I try to sleep most of the time we drive on holiday, but it was my last hours with my boyfriend before he had to leave so i wanted to be awake and be with him. Therefore i had to listen to my parents constant arguing about where to go and such. It drives me crazy! Why is it always like that? It really just makes me sad listening to them... I know i don't make things better by telling my dad he doesn't help enough around the house (as i'm not doing it myself). But i really think it would be better if i moved, which is why i so can't wait till the day i'm going to! Plus i know it will be with my other half, which will make life even better!

But tell me, have you ever been tried of your parents (i bet you have)? And why? And have you had same problem going on holidays with them when you did?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This weeks shopping!

Being a girl i like buying lots of clothes, and working in Topshop, Magasin doesn't make it any easier to resist buying something. Which is also why i went over my clothes budget (for the month) this weekend. I just really needed some clothes, and right now there's some really good sales in our store. Plus the fact that i get lots of discount helps a lot. I therefore bought a jumper, a basic jersey and a cardigan for 260kr!! I think that's a real bargain.

I then found out that Oasis had this gorgeous dress in store. I first saw it when i went to England, and loved it so much. Didn't buy it as it was £65, which i thought was a bit too much. When i then found out i could get 50% off working in Topshop, i had to try it on, and it was like a dream, it was just absolutely perfect on me, how lucky can you be?! I just had to buy it! So here it is, i know it's a bit business woman like, but i think it's so cute on, and i love the description of it!

I've been thinking about getting a new phone for ages, but i haven't seen anything i really liked. I've been happy with my Nokia 6300 for a couple of years now until the camera recently stopped working, which obviously was really annoying. I therefore very spontaneously bought myself a new phone Tuesday. Well i've been looking at this phone for quite some time now, but just haven't been able to make up my mind about it. It's not really a big change as the phones are quite alike, but i needed a new one, and it was the best i could find. So i ended up buying this Nokia 6500 classic. I've now spend some days playing around with the new, and saying goodbye to the old one, which to be honest have been really hard. I'm annoyed that i can't save my messages on the sim-card and put them on the new phone or anything, so many good memories... But there's nothing to do, i just have to get use to my new phone!

Doesn't it just feel great buying something you really want or really love! It can keep you happy for days, or at least thats what i think...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The big question: What do you wanna be when you grow up?

How many times haven't you heard this question. And how many times through your life haven't you changed your mind about what you want in life. I'm sure most of us been there, wondering what we want to do some day. And then one day you suddenly realize it's time to make that decision, find out what you wanna do, so you can start educating yourself to reach that goal.

For some people this is harder than others. I have for years dread the day of making this decision, as i really had no idea what i wanted to do. Of course i want to work with something i find interesting and like doing, but i also need some stability in the business i go into, and it have to be something that i can see myself working with for years. Finding this education/job haven't been easy for me, but i feel i'm getting closer to it, which is a really nice feeling.

I started at UNI last year, studying Media Science . I have always found the creative side of media very interesting and appealing. Although it turned out to be nothing like what i expected or hoped. I did actually surprise myself by going to UNI as i've always said it wasn't really me, and i guess i was right in some ways. I'm just not really the student type of person, i simply can't concentrate about reading all the time. I like doing something that's more creative and practical. Which is why i have decided not to finish UNI.

Here comes another issue, other people, mostly family! Why is it that everyone seem so disappointed with you when you drop out of school? I don't know if it's just me, but i would like someone supporting me in my decision, and not making me feel like a failure. I don't feel like i've wasted time at all, i've learned a lot going to UNI. I've learned that it's not what i want. I have found out there's other things out there that's more appealing to me. And i've made myself a plan that i'm feeling really good about. For once in my life, i feel good about what i'm doing and where i'm headed. So i'm not gonna give up!

I'm not gonna go too much into details about my plan, but i can reveal a few things. I'm trying and hoping to get into a school to study to be a Media Graphic Designer. Only thing is, it's damn hard to get in. There's only a few people that get in twice a year, only the most talented ones. I know it's not gonna be easy, but i really wanna try this. Looks like the right thing for me. I can be creative, and use a computer at the same time, pretty much what i'm doing every day anyway. I do have to make a portfolio to apply for this course, which i to be honest have no idea how to do. I'm therefore having a little look around to see what's on the net about it. I've found lots of good stuff so far. I found this page early about typography which is a big part of being a graphic designer; They have so many different fonts it's crazy, i really like this one though, i think it's kinda cool, reminds me a bit of th 60's.

So do you know what you wanna be or do in life? Or are you still trying things out? Maybe you are already there, done with educating yourself and working with your dreamjob? Or maybe you still don't know for sure what you want... No matter what i think it's important to take your time and think about it, and if you have to try lots of different educations before you find the right one, so what?! There's no point in finishing 5 years on UNI if it's not really what you wanna do, right...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day...

also known as Saint Valentine's Day, the 14th of February. All around the world people celebrate this "holiday" as the Americans call it. But why do we need to? I can see the point that it's really cute for loved ones to send each other cards and all that. But has it not gone a little too crazy over the last couple of years? All the things you can get in the shops, i know it's not so bad in Denmark, but in England all the windows are filled with hearts and stuff already!

I have never celebrated this day myself until last year, and to be honest it's probably only cause my boyfriend is English that i do. It's very sweet and thoughtful, sure, but to me it's just another day in a year putting pressure on people, finding the right and perfect present for their loved ones. Maybe it's just cause i'm not very good at finding personal and nice presents, i don't know. But i just don't see the need to have a day like this. A day for people to tell others their true feelings? Why do people need a day for that? Can't they say it any other day? Do some people wait months for this day to come before they dare to say anything to somebody they really like? I think that's just stupid, if that's the case. I like every day to be like this day. Not getting each others cards and stuff, but telling someone you love them, you just do when it's right and not cause it's Valentine's. Although to be honest, after having said all this, i'll probably still get my boyfriend a card, just cause it's sweet in some way, and i know he'll get me one too, so it's just a nice little thing really. But tell me what you think about Valentine's Day? Do you celebrate it yourself? Or do you think it's a stupid tradition?