Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kings of Leon in the spot light

These four guys (three brothers and their cousin) from Tennessee, US have really moved up the charts the last couple of months with their newest album "Only by the Night", including hit singles such as "Use Somebody" and "Sex on Fire". They have played for years, but in Denmark we haven't heard much of them until now, or maybe that's just me...

They have for sure proved themself with their new album, which is a big success all over Europe, where they also are on tour right now. And i must say i'm a big fan! I'm kinda annoyed with missing the chance to see them when they were in CPH last week. Hopefully they'll be back again some day soon. I just really like their music, i've only just got the album, but i already love "Use Somebody", such a great song, and i love his voice, brilliant! What do you think about them?

Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

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Carl said...

Awesome band is all i can say hun, and yes what a tune 'Use somebody' is!