Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another round of shopping!

We all buy things even if we say we've got no money. Somehow you can always find some money if you see something you just must have! It's not only cause you really want it, but it's cause you need it, right ladies? I think we ladies always need clothes, shoes and bags, you can't have enough!

Last week I went away on holiday for a long weekend, and of course being somewhere new, i had to go shopping. There was only one tiny problem, i really didn't have a lot of money. I still got away with buying some new jeans though. To be honest i've been looking for a good pair for such a long time, and finding these Miss Sixty there was no way i wasn't gonna get them! I already have a pair of Miss Sixty and they have been my favourite jeans for years. They seem to be the only ones fitting me perfect, so i don't mind paying a little extra for some really nice jeans.

At the same time i found this bag from Friis & Company, and i really liked it. (Looks better irl than on this picture). But not having a lot of money i ended up only picking one thing, the jeans, which i have regretted ever since! (not buying the bag too, i mean). I went to buy it on the last day but the shop wasn't open. I then hoped that they would have it back in Odense, but sadly no... I have now bought it online, which of course have cost me extra for sending it with the post, so annoying, but at least i'll get my bag!!

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