Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lionel Richie vs Glee

(The original video is from a film and there's lots of noise on, so that's why I picked this instead)

I have done one of these Original song vs cover with Glee before, but there's so many great songs on that show! And I've been suggested to do this song from a fellow blogger Jeanett. The song is Lionel Richie's old classic "Hello". In Glee they have done a beautiful duet of it! I fell in love with it the moment I heard it! I think it's brilliant. They have given the song new life and I think it's even better now! So much more passion and sexiness, thanks to the lovely Jonathan Groff.

What do you guys think? Which one is your favourite version?

Busy schooldays + weekend plans

I have been very busy this week, so I haven't had the time to do much on the blog. I just feel really drained of energy(maybe I should start doing some exercise) and I am kinda uninspired lately too! But I will do my best to at least get something up on the blog a couple of times every week, so please keep coming back to have a look.

I am so glad it's a long weekend (at least for Danish ppl)! My boyfriend is coming over again this weekend, so we're going to have a really nice relaxing time, just the two of us. I've booked a table at a Chinese restaurant for tomorrow night and afterwards we're going to the cinema to watch Iron Man 2, can't wait! Other than that I haven't got a lot planned really. I feel kinda stressed and pressured to work on my portfolio and website since I still have a lot to do on that! Everything have to be ready next week, before we start our exam project Thursday!! I am going to use the rest of this eve working on it to get as much done as possible. If you wanna have a look at my website, you can find it here. It's far from done, but you can get the idea of it :)

Have a good weekend everyone and to the Danish people - Ha' en god St. Bededag i morgen!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Project Runway finale


I have only just watched the finale of Project Runway season 7. I thought it was a really good fashion show over all, but I did have some favourite looks. I loved Emilio's show-stopper dress. It was very beautifully made and the airiness to it was amazing! I wouldn't mind having that myself. Maybe in a different colour and with another belt, but gorgeous dress! I also really liked two of Seth Aaron's dresses. I could see myself wearing both, very pretty and well made! I have been a fan of Seth Aaron from the beginning and was therefore also very pleased to see him win the show. He deserves it!

Seth Aaron

Seth Aaron

What do you think of the different collections and the show?

Picture credits:

Outfit of the day #2

This is my outfit from Saturday. I went into town for lunch with my boyfriend. It was quite warm outside, so I decided to be brave and wear a blazer. Very old one I found in my closet though. Could do with a new one really. I did buy a pink/nude blazer in the UK last time I was there. It needs to be a bit warmer to wear that though, but I can't wait!

Jeans - Miss Sixty
Top - H&M
Blazer - can't remember
Bag - Asos
Sunglasses - Boots
Necklace - Aida
Scarf - unknown

Weekend fun!

I am finally back blogging again, sorry it's been so long! I had a really tense week last week. The stupid ash cloud closing all the airports around Europe had me worried that my boyfriend wouldn't be able to get here for the weekend! And when you don't see each other a lot the time you have together is very precious. He did make it in the end though, so I picked him up Friday evening and then we went home to my parents house for the weekend.

Brian & me

Saturday we went for lunch in town and met up with a good friend of mine for some ice cream. It was a really nice and sunny day! Saturday evening we went to a double birthday party with some of my good friends. Really good to see everyone again, eat some tasty food and have a lot of fun! A really good weekend over all! I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Now it's time to get on with another busy school week, not long again. I am a little stressed thinking about all the things I need to finish before the exam.. less than 4 weeks! Time has gone so fast!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Snow Patrol vs Leona Lewis

(The video is missing the last bit, which is a real shame, but it was the only music video I could find)

It's time for another round of Original song vs Cover. Snow Patrol is the original artist behind the song "Run", which I think is an amazing song! Leona Lewis did a cover of the song some time ago. At first I wasn't happy about it. I'm a huge Snow Patrol fan and the song means something special to me, so just the thought of someone else doing it... But I must say, it's not bad at all! I think Leona has made a beautiful cover of the song. She has managed to keep the emotional feel to the song, which is what I love so much. Good job Leona!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gina Tricot - bracelet

I went into town yesterday to buy some things for my little project. I'm trying to make some different and creative job applications. I was also looking for a maxi dress for a wedding I'm going to this summer, no luck so far. I did find this cute bracelet in Gina Tricot though. I think it will be perfect together with my bow ring. And it was only 59 kr. (£7), so I couldn't resist.

Monday, April 19, 2010

American Rejects vs Glee

I've decided to do this thing called Original song vs cover. I'll put two songs up on the blog, one the original version and the other a cover of it. I've had this song in my head for weeks now. Been a fan of American Rejects for some time and always loved this song. I was therefore very pleased to see that the first new episode of Glee had that song in it. And I think they did quite a good version of it too. Most of the time I'll be a fan of the original version of songs, but it also depends on what I hear first. I think both versions of this song are really cool. What do you think?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Primark floral dress

Primark dress - £3

This is another buy from when I was in the UK. I had a shopping mission when I was over there. I needed to buy some colourful clothes with some patterns or something. This is one of the items. I found this cute dress in Primark and I think it's perfect for the summer! Plus it was only £3!! Can you believe that! Crazy prices they have got! I am not really the strapless kinda girl though, but I had to get this one. I also bought a casual top with flowers on. Getting into this floral summery stuff, love it!

New Look, lace up pumps - £6

I also bought these pumps from New Look. I needed something that wasn't boots, ballerinas or sandals. Something comfy to walk around in on the colder summer days. I have a thing for nude, in case you haven't noticed :) But I have also bought them in grey as they fitted really well.

Back in Aarhus

Me & my cousin Julie

I am back in Aarhus again after a really good weekend in Odense. I have been quite busy so haven't had time to blog, sorry about that. Yesterday was a really good day though. Went to my cousins confirmation, very long day but actually a lot of fun . In the evening I went into town to meet up with some friends I haven't seen for ages. Was really good to see everyone again.

Now that I am back in my room and I have cleaned the entire house, it's time to relax. I've been rather busy this week so I am behind on all my shows. I need to watch America's Next Top Model and Project Runway! So I am going to do that now. I'll be back later tonight with some fashion related stuff for you.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend in Odense

The weekend is just around the corner and thank god for that! I am sure this has been the longest week ever! I am really looking forward to the weekend, as always. This weekend I am going back home to Odense, my hometown. Even though I have lived in Aarhus for over 8 months now, Odense is where I truly belong, I love that town! I am going to stay with my parents for the weekend. Going to my cousins conformation (konfirmation) on Saturday. I'm hoping to go out an evening to catch up with some friends and see how people are doing back home! Really miss it! I'm going to bring my laptop, so hopefully i'll have time for a bit of blogging. Have a good Thursday evening everyone!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Looking for a summer jacket

Jacket from Asos - £65

The summer is on it's way and I've only just realised that I really need a new summer jacket. The old one I've got looks awful and it's actually over 3 years old! Last year I used my new leather jacket most of the summer, but I would really like something else this season. I prefer buying things like jackets in shops where you can try them on, but I couldn't find anything in the shopping centre earlier today, so I've had a little look online. I have found a few ones that I like, but now I don't know what to do. I really haven't got the money for it, so would be best to go for the cheapest one, but if I am honest I like the Asos one the most! Not sure with the colour though. I love nude, but for a jacket it might be too much and I bet I'll get it dirty in no time...

Jacket from Boohoo - £25 & Jacket from Oasis - £65

What do you think of the jackets? Have you bought yourself a jacket for this season?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Outfit of the day

Boots - Havanna Shoes, Jeans - Miss Sixty, Top - H&M

This is my first outfit post, so I hope you like it. (sorry for the bad picture quality, need to get a good camera). I've had a short day at school today, finishing my project from last week. (I've made this webpage). Today I just felt like wearing something relaxing and nice. Really like the H&M top, so comfy! It's been such a lovely sunny day today. I've been wearing my summer coat for the first time this season, feels great! I am really looking forward to the summer. It's been winter for way too long!!

The nail polish is the one from H&M I blogged about last week. It's a bit more lavender than nude though. So I am still looking for the perfect nude nail polish. Do any of you know a good one?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pilgrim earrings

I just found these two pairs of earrings in my draw. I don't have holes in my ears any more, but I have a lot of earrings from when I used to. These are brand new though, never used, so I am thinking of selling them. If I change my mind and get my ears pierced again I wont be able to wear them anyway. I can only have solid gold. I am allergic to anything else, which is a real shame as I love Pilgrim's earrings.

I will be selling them really cheap as I am sure they haven't been too expensive when I got them. So if any of you are interested let me know. Would be the easiest thing if you are Danish.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nail polish remover pen

Nail polish remover pen from Boots - £4,50

This is brilliant! I only found out a few months ago that these things exist! A nail polish remover pen that makes it easy to remove extra nail polish around the nail and fingers when you are done painting them. I have for years been using cotton buds every time I needed to get some nail polish off my fingers, but not any longer! I bought this last week in the UK and so far I am very pleased with it. Really works a treat. I can highly recommend this to all girls that are as bad as me putting nail polish on. It's a hard thing to do, especially with the left hand! ;) This one is from Boots, but there's a lot of them on the market so I can't promise that this is the best one, you'll just have to give it a try.

Dior - Escale à Pondichéry

Dior - Escale à Pondichéry

There's still almost 3 months till my birthday, but I am working on a wishlist already. Mostly because I come up with things I want and if I don't write them down I wont remember when it gets closer. One of the things that's on my wishlist this year is this Dior perfume. I want to try new fragrances! I feel like I've had the same ones for years. Last year I tried Gucci rush2 for the first time, absolutely love it! I've had this Dior perfume as a little test spray and thought it was really nice, so I think it's my next new fragrance to try. It is rather expensive being Dior though. In Denmark it's over 700kr (£80). I have seen it in the airport in London for only £35 though, which really isn't too bad.

I think my biggest wish this year is money. I know it's boring, but i've got a feeling my laptop is going to die soon and there's no way I can live without one! Another big wish is that my boyfriend finds a job in Denmark! I've been looking forward to living with him for over a year now, so I really can't wait till the day that happens!

Friday, April 9, 2010

H&M - Latte 2 go

I bought this nail polish when I was in the UK last week and I finally got to try it out today. It's from H&M and it's called Latte 2 go (nude). And I must say it's a lot better than what I expected from a cheap H&M nail polish. It covers really nice and the lasting of the polish is pretty good too! I really love the colour too, perfect for a natural look this summer! Nude is the way forward!

H&M - Latte 2 go, £3

I have got another H&M nail polish by the name Sophisticated Susanna (coral), which I've been very disappointed about. It's very thin, doesn't cover very well and is really cheap looking. So I wasn't really sure about buying this other one, but for that price I thought why not try it! So glad I did now! What do you think of the colour? And what is your experience with H&M nail polish? (Btw, this is my first review of anything, so I hope you liked it).

Project Runway

I have just watched the latest episode of this seasons Project Runway. Last five had to get down to three finalists, so very exciting. The challenge this week was to create a high end runway look inspired by the circus. My favourite designers are Emilio and Seth Aaron. I think Emilio did the best look this week though (picture below). It's not my favourite item of his, but it was better than any of the others this week. Seth's was a little too much for my taste, but he does crazy pieces most of the time. I just really like his style and he is very talented.

Emilio's design

I'm not going to say who got through in case someone haven't seen it yet. But if you've seen it, what did you think of the designs and the designers getting through?

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

School project

First day back at school and I am already feeling knackered! Just started another project and a crazy one too! I've got to make a webpage for a company called Young Tattoo. I have to make a logo for them, do a lot of picture editing with documentation, do flowchart, storyboard and all these things that you have to do in order to make a website. I just can't believe we haven't got more time. They are really trying to push us and I feel stressed already. Didn't sleep very well last night because I was thinking about it. I know I am moaning a lot right now, but it's hard after having a week off! And it's going to be like this for the next two months! Or less really, since I finish June the 2nd! Can't believe it. Time has just gone by so fast. I have to start applying for trainee jobs this weekend too!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer shopping

I am back in Denmark again after an amazing Easter in the UK. So wish I had more time off! Really not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow. I have a really busy week in school so it's going to be hard work. I promised to show you guys some of the things I bought while being away. Here's the first couple of things. Lots of nude, can't get enough of it! Can't believe how cheap I got the nude bag, love it already! Primark is brilliant! I bought a dress, top, shirt and raincoat there too (only £29). I'll show you when I take some pictures of it!

Summery bracelets from USC £7 & Bow Ring from Miss Selfridge £3

Nude heels from New Look £20

Nude bag from Primark £9

I had a little shopping list with me when I went to the UK. I needed some sunglasses, broke my old ones, doh! I wanted some nude heels and a nude bag and some trainer shoes/something. I've only got ballerinas and sandals for spring/summer. I've managed to get all the things so I am very happy! Can't wait to use it all!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Live from the UK

Just a little update from the UK. I've been pretty busy since I got here. I am having a really good time though, really love it here! Except for the rain, it's been quite bad while I've been here, so typical. Anyway, I went to see my sister and nephew Wednesday when I got here. He's growing so fast, just turned 2 years! He really loves Carl (my boyfriend), he had to play with him most of the time we were there, so cute. On the Thursday I went for a crazy shopping day, first in the local town Salisbury and later in Southampton down by the coast. I have bought a lot of things, really done some crazy shopping, but it's so cheap over here I just can't help myself. And I've actually completed my mission of buying lots of colourful flowery clothes. Really proud of myself and I love all of it. Can't wait for the summer to come so I can wear it all. I'll show you pictures of things when I get back home.

Thursday night I had a meeting with some friends about planning a trip to Denmark this summer. Will be really cool to show them my country. Especially cause most of them have never been there! So hopefully it will get sorted and there'll be about 6 people coming :) Friday night we were a lot of people going out in town, had a really good night and lots of fun. Already pictures up on facebook. I look really awful and quite drunk on most of them though, not good... Yesterday I was in bed most of the day feeling a little hungover but in the evening I went out for a meal with my boyfriend and we went to the cinema to see Clash of the Titans. Staring Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. Was an okay film, but for 3D it wasn't really that amazing!

Okay that's all for now. I'll be back blogging on Tuesday when I'm home again. Happy Easter everyone! I hope you're all enjoying it!