Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dior - Escale à Pondichéry

Dior - Escale à Pondichéry

There's still almost 3 months till my birthday, but I am working on a wishlist already. Mostly because I come up with things I want and if I don't write them down I wont remember when it gets closer. One of the things that's on my wishlist this year is this Dior perfume. I want to try new fragrances! I feel like I've had the same ones for years. Last year I tried Gucci rush2 for the first time, absolutely love it! I've had this Dior perfume as a little test spray and thought it was really nice, so I think it's my next new fragrance to try. It is rather expensive being Dior though. In Denmark it's over 700kr (£80). I have seen it in the airport in London for only £35 though, which really isn't too bad.

I think my biggest wish this year is money. I know it's boring, but i've got a feeling my laptop is going to die soon and there's no way I can live without one! Another big wish is that my boyfriend finds a job in Denmark! I've been looking forward to living with him for over a year now, so I really can't wait till the day that happens!

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Carl said...

I would love to make that wish cme true my dear, and I am trying as best I can! I think I could do with a trip to Aarhus to pop to the job centre or see a career advisor about finding work. But one day, I will be there hun, every single day!