Friday, April 9, 2010

H&M - Latte 2 go

I bought this nail polish when I was in the UK last week and I finally got to try it out today. It's from H&M and it's called Latte 2 go (nude). And I must say it's a lot better than what I expected from a cheap H&M nail polish. It covers really nice and the lasting of the polish is pretty good too! I really love the colour too, perfect for a natural look this summer! Nude is the way forward!

H&M - Latte 2 go, £3

I have got another H&M nail polish by the name Sophisticated Susanna (coral), which I've been very disappointed about. It's very thin, doesn't cover very well and is really cheap looking. So I wasn't really sure about buying this other one, but for that price I thought why not try it! So glad I did now! What do you think of the colour? And what is your experience with H&M nail polish? (Btw, this is my first review of anything, so I hope you liked it).

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Doyounoah said...

How funny i was just about to blog about this nail polish - I love it too!