Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend fun!

I am finally back blogging again, sorry it's been so long! I had a really tense week last week. The stupid ash cloud closing all the airports around Europe had me worried that my boyfriend wouldn't be able to get here for the weekend! And when you don't see each other a lot the time you have together is very precious. He did make it in the end though, so I picked him up Friday evening and then we went home to my parents house for the weekend.

Brian & me

Saturday we went for lunch in town and met up with a good friend of mine for some ice cream. It was a really nice and sunny day! Saturday evening we went to a double birthday party with some of my good friends. Really good to see everyone again, eat some tasty food and have a lot of fun! A really good weekend over all! I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Now it's time to get on with another busy school week, not long again. I am a little stressed thinking about all the things I need to finish before the exam.. less than 4 weeks! Time has gone so fast!

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