Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Snow Patrol vs Leona Lewis

(The video is missing the last bit, which is a real shame, but it was the only music video I could find)

It's time for another round of Original song vs Cover. Snow Patrol is the original artist behind the song "Run", which I think is an amazing song! Leona Lewis did a cover of the song some time ago. At first I wasn't happy about it. I'm a huge Snow Patrol fan and the song means something special to me, so just the thought of someone else doing it... But I must say, it's not bad at all! I think Leona has made a beautiful cover of the song. She has managed to keep the emotional feel to the song, which is what I love so much. Good job Leona!

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Carl said...

Ok... so if I am honest, I will have to go with the Snow Patrol version. After all, it is the original! Not that the Leona Lewis version isn't good, but there is just something about the Snow Patrol version that sends a shiver down your spine!