Monday, April 26, 2010

Project Runway finale


I have only just watched the finale of Project Runway season 7. I thought it was a really good fashion show over all, but I did have some favourite looks. I loved Emilio's show-stopper dress. It was very beautifully made and the airiness to it was amazing! I wouldn't mind having that myself. Maybe in a different colour and with another belt, but gorgeous dress! I also really liked two of Seth Aaron's dresses. I could see myself wearing both, very pretty and well made! I have been a fan of Seth Aaron from the beginning and was therefore also very pleased to see him win the show. He deserves it!

Seth Aaron

Seth Aaron

What do you think of the different collections and the show?

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Miss Jeanett said...

Jeg har det også fint med at Seth Aron vandt. Emilio var egentlig min favorit igennem sæsonen, men hans sidste kollektion var en smule kedelig (bortset fra kjolen). Mest er jeg bare glad for at Mila ikke vandt. Brød mig hverken om hendes design eller person.