Monday, April 12, 2010

Outfit of the day

Boots - Havanna Shoes, Jeans - Miss Sixty, Top - H&M

This is my first outfit post, so I hope you like it. (sorry for the bad picture quality, need to get a good camera). I've had a short day at school today, finishing my project from last week. (I've made this webpage). Today I just felt like wearing something relaxing and nice. Really like the H&M top, so comfy! It's been such a lovely sunny day today. I've been wearing my summer coat for the first time this season, feels great! I am really looking forward to the summer. It's been winter for way too long!!

The nail polish is the one from H&M I blogged about last week. It's a bit more lavender than nude though. So I am still looking for the perfect nude nail polish. Do any of you know a good one?


Tigeren aka Chau said...

I love your bangles. De er fine!


Louise said...

Nr. 192 fra depend, er rigtig god og dækkende :-).