Sunday, April 18, 2010

Primark floral dress

Primark dress - £3

This is another buy from when I was in the UK. I had a shopping mission when I was over there. I needed to buy some colourful clothes with some patterns or something. This is one of the items. I found this cute dress in Primark and I think it's perfect for the summer! Plus it was only £3!! Can you believe that! Crazy prices they have got! I am not really the strapless kinda girl though, but I had to get this one. I also bought a casual top with flowers on. Getting into this floral summery stuff, love it!

New Look, lace up pumps - £6

I also bought these pumps from New Look. I needed something that wasn't boots, ballerinas or sandals. Something comfy to walk around in on the colder summer days. I have a thing for nude, in case you haven't noticed :) But I have also bought them in grey as they fitted really well.

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