Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back in Aarhus

Me & my cousin Julie

I am back in Aarhus again after a really good weekend in Odense. I have been quite busy so haven't had time to blog, sorry about that. Yesterday was a really good day though. Went to my cousins confirmation, very long day but actually a lot of fun . In the evening I went into town to meet up with some friends I haven't seen for ages. Was really good to see everyone again.

Now that I am back in my room and I have cleaned the entire house, it's time to relax. I've been rather busy this week so I am behind on all my shows. I need to watch America's Next Top Model and Project Runway! So I am going to do that now. I'll be back later tonight with some fashion related stuff for you.


Miss Jeanett said...

Ja, tak for igår! Det var rigtig hyggeligt!

Anne said...

I lige måde! :)