Sunday, February 8, 2009

This weeks shopping!

Being a girl i like buying lots of clothes, and working in Topshop, Magasin doesn't make it any easier to resist buying something. Which is also why i went over my clothes budget (for the month) this weekend. I just really needed some clothes, and right now there's some really good sales in our store. Plus the fact that i get lots of discount helps a lot. I therefore bought a jumper, a basic jersey and a cardigan for 260kr!! I think that's a real bargain.

I then found out that Oasis had this gorgeous dress in store. I first saw it when i went to England, and loved it so much. Didn't buy it as it was £65, which i thought was a bit too much. When i then found out i could get 50% off working in Topshop, i had to try it on, and it was like a dream, it was just absolutely perfect on me, how lucky can you be?! I just had to buy it! So here it is, i know it's a bit business woman like, but i think it's so cute on, and i love the description of it!

I've been thinking about getting a new phone for ages, but i haven't seen anything i really liked. I've been happy with my Nokia 6300 for a couple of years now until the camera recently stopped working, which obviously was really annoying. I therefore very spontaneously bought myself a new phone Tuesday. Well i've been looking at this phone for quite some time now, but just haven't been able to make up my mind about it. It's not really a big change as the phones are quite alike, but i needed a new one, and it was the best i could find. So i ended up buying this Nokia 6500 classic. I've now spend some days playing around with the new, and saying goodbye to the old one, which to be honest have been really hard. I'm annoyed that i can't save my messages on the sim-card and put them on the new phone or anything, so many good memories... But there's nothing to do, i just have to get use to my new phone!

Doesn't it just feel great buying something you really want or really love! It can keep you happy for days, or at least thats what i think...

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