Monday, March 30, 2009

First time shopping on Asos

I've for a while been looking for clothes on Asos, but never bought anything, until now! Yes I know it's dangerous cause you can so easily get hooked on something like this, but I've taken the chance. I'm looking for some nice summer dresses, and as I didn't find a lot on my trip to England I thought it would be okay to buy some on Asos. I've had my eyes on these two for a while and now they are on their way. I really hope they fit me, wasn't sure what size to go for as I've never tried any of their clothes. Hopefully they'll be arriving in a couple of days, can't wait! :)

ASOS Tonal Stripe Dress - £ 29,50

ASOS Contrast Colour Button Through Dress - £27,50
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Miss Jeanett said...

Den blå er super cute!!