Monday, March 30, 2009

A week of shopping in the UK!

Last week I was so lucky to be visiting the UK for an entire week, and I even got the flight tickets for free as my parents came along!! I know, I'm so spoiled! And even though I was really there to celebrate my mums and nephews b'day and of course to see my lovely boyfriend, I just can't visit the UK without going shopping! It's just so cheap that it would be stupid not too! Plus I had saved up quite a bit of money to buy some new summerclothes for this season.

But as always, when you've got money you can't find anything, and when you are broke you want to buy everything. I did still find a few things that i liked though, here is a little collection of some of it. I apologize for the bad pictures, but I haven't been able to find the clothes online so I had to take pictures of it myself and they aren't that great really. Feel free to leave a comment!

Metallic Stud Shoe from New Look - £ 16

Purple long top from Trf (bought in Zara) - £19.99

Summerdress from H&M - £12.99

Coral zip through dress from Miso (bought in Republic) - £29.99

Coral top from River Island - £ 19.99

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Miss Jeanett said...

I love the studded flats and the coral zip dress - great buys!