Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adam Lambert from American Idol season 8

I watch a lot of different tv-shows, but there's only a few that I don't miss a single episode of! One of them is this season of American Idol. I got into watching lots of series on a webpage called (thanks to Jeanett for telling me about it). You can find so many shows there it's unbelievable! When the new season of American Idol then came up I just watched the first episodes as it's always so funny with the people that can't sing, but I easily get hooked on something like this, and I'm now watching it every week. I must admit there's a few contestants I really like this season, one of them is Adam Lambert. He just got something really special going on. I do think he's one of these people you either love or hate. But I absolutely love what he can do with his voice, i think it's really cool!

So have a listen to his performance from this week singing "Play that funky music", so groovy, hehe. Or you can go to surfthechannel and watch all episodes and a lot of other good shows. Enjoy!

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