Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last couple of weeks shopping

I've tried my best not to buy too many things the last couple of weeks, and to be honest I think i've done quite well, considering I have to look at clothes all day ;) It's been lovely weather all April and i'm really getting in a good summer mood, but I really could do with some more summerclothes, which is also why i'm always looking for something. Colourful and summery clothes!

I found these two dresses a couple of weeks ago, and I thought they were really nice and summery, plus they fitted me perfectly, so I bought them right away! Then we got this blazer home last week. I just fell in love with it the second I saw it. Really cute, perfect as a summer jacket and I must admit I kinda like the schoolgirl look, hehe.

Jersey Schoolgirl Blazer - £ 55
Cherry Strappy Sundress - £ 28
Coral Bow Vest Dress - £ 28

The prices are from Topshop's webpage.

You can also buy the clothes in Topshop, Magasin, Odense.

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