Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Working towards my future as a Media graphic designer

Yet again I have to apologize for not doing anything on my blog for weeks!! I've just been so busy with other things, that I haven't taken the time to do anything at all. But I've got some time tonight, so I think i'm gonna do a couple of things. First of all do a little update to tell you guys what i've been so busy with lately.

As you might know I've decided that I want to be a media graphic designer. I've always loved being creative and do different things, especially graphics on the computer. My first (and only) year on uni have helped me a lot to find out what I really wanna do, and i'm so happy I finally know. Which is also why i'm working hard these days, to get what I want! I need to get into this school to get started on the education as a graphic designer, but it ain't exactly easy. Only around 20 people get in, unless you've got a place to work as a trainee. I'm therefore trying to find a place that wanna hire me as their trainee, which is really hard considering I haven't got much experience, but i've got to try! I've been writing lots of letters lately to ask different companies about possible work, so right now i'm just really hoping for the best!!

Another thing that have kept me busy is work. Since i'm not really at uni much anymore i've got lots of extra hours at work. Which i'm really happy about as I can always use the money, but it is hard working in a shop all day. Plus being a girl you wanna buy so many things! Really have to avoid lots of temptations every day!! So far I haven't been that good at it. I've bought quite a few things lately. I'll be blogging about that later!

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