Sunday, May 3, 2009

First bit of shopping this month

I've said this many times before, but i'm gonna say it again. Working in a clothes shop is very very hard for a lady. There are so many times you have to avoid temptation and sometimes you just can't! I've put these clothes aside at work for buying tomorrow. I love getting new clothes, it's such a good feeling!!

I've been looking at the flowery top for a while, but as i'm not use to wearing colourful clothes with patterns and such I didn't really think it would be me. I tried it on anyway and it was actually really cute! Perfect for the summer! The grey leggings should hopefully match a dress i've got, plus they are on sale and very comfy and nice to wear. I haven't got a lot of tops and i've been looking everywhere for some nice ones for the summer, but haven't seen any I like so I thought I would just get some basic ones and then I can always wear them with something else that makes them look a bit more interesting. The t-shirt is just a really nice colour on me and it's kinda cute too!

Sweet and sour love geeks tee - 229 kr
Paris Flower zip cami - 299 kr
Grey Superglossy leggings - 114 kr (half price)
Basic v neck vests (pink and green) - 79 kr each

The prices are from Topshop in Magasin, Odense. You can also buy the clothes on their webpage


Miss Jeanett said...

I think I need to get the t-shirt.

Anne said...

Den er super sød! Tror desværre du bliver nødt til at købe den online hvis det er, for vi har udsolgt af den...