Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The yearly Runrig concert

Okay, I know what most people think when I tell them I'm a Runrig fan. They really don't seem to understand why... Lots of people haven't even heard about the band and others simply believes that Runrig are for the older generation. They should know better, hehe. Okay, to be honest they are partly right. Runrig is an old Scottish band that have been playing for over 30 years, and therefore they do have a lot of old fans, but it doesn't mean it's only old people liking them. I see lots of younger people when i'm at the concerts, and i'll tell you why.

This is how I became a fan of Runrig. My parents used to go to the Tønder Festival in Jutland every year, and they would always come home and tell me about how great Runrig were. Then one summer they played a concert in Den Fynske Landsby (a little old village in Odense), and my parents asked me to come along, I said no at first as I didn't really know them and was sure it wasn't anything I would like. I ended up going anyway, and I'm so glad I did!

Going to a Runrig concert is an amazing experience! I have never in my life met such a wonderful happy audience and the atmosphere is indescribable! You can't say you don't like Runrig, until you've been to a concert with them. I love their music too, so happy, dancy and folk rock is actually really nice! I now go to their concerts every summer when they play in Odense. A tradition I have with a big part of my family and something I hope will never change.

From Runrig's 30th anniversary at Stirling Castle (Day of Days, 2003).

I recommend a Runrig concert to all music lovers, it's amazing and you will feel so happy afterwards! Plus you'll keep singing and dancing all night, absolutely fantastic!

I'm going to see them tonight at Den Fynske Landsby, i'll bring my Scottish flag and be the crazy fan as always!!

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