Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Next weeks listings on ebay!

I'm gonna have a little sale on ebay starting monday next week. I've for some time now had a few things i've been thinking about selling, but I just haven't got around to it, until now! I'm kinda tired of having nice shoes and clothes lying around when I can't use it anyway. So why not try and sell it instead? I'm therefore putting these two pairs of shoes up for auction.

Black New Look Sandals size 7/40 - £ 20

I bought these sandals a season or two ago in England. They are from the high street fashion brand New Look, and actually really nice. I've for some reason bought them a size too big though, and have therefore never used them. A real shame as I actually do like them.

Red Glitter Peep Toe Shoes size 6/39 (bought on ebay from aspireshoes) - £ 16.99

I fell in love with these shoes the second I saw them! I think they are absolutely gorgeous. I bought them on ebay, but they are quite small in the size so I couldn't fit a size 6, but had to buy a bigger size. Because of the expense of postage returning the shoes I decided I couldn't be bothered to, but instead i'm just gonna sell them myself.

As said these shoes will be on ebay from monday next week, but if you already now like any of them please let me know and i'll be more than happy to sell them to you before putting them on ebay, and maybe even give a little discount too. Just contact me before monday evening.

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