Sunday, March 28, 2010

Danish X factor 2010

Last night was the final of the Danish X factor 2010. The biggest X factor final in the world! How crazy is that?! 40.000 people went to Parken in Copenhagen to watch the three finalists sing. Also playing was the Danish bands, Alphabeat and Duné plus singer Medina and Swedish Eric Hassle. Overall a quite good show. If I'm being honest the person doing best last night was probably Jesper. He's only 15 years old, but he's so cool. And he really gave it a 110% last night, all his performances were awesome! But for some reason he only came 3rd! Such a shame, he deserves better! My favourite was Thomas though, his voice is so amazing and he really deserves the chance! Being 30 years old it's kinda his time! I was therefore very pleased to see him win the show. Here he is singing the winner song.

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Tanja said...

i looooved Jesper! He is so cool and has the greatest voice. But I also agree with you, Thomas deserved to win (: GREAT BLOG!