Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last summers fashion

There's finally signs of spring being on it's way, thank god! Been waiting for that for sooo long! It's been a very long winter this year so I'm really looking forward to the summer! And I know I'm not the only one!

Just had a little look through my pictures from last summer. I like looking at pictures, so many good memories. Anyway, I decided to take some of my outfits to show you guys. It's very easy to see what was in last summer. Here is 6 outfits that I've picked to show you.

Sorry that the pictures are that small, but for some reason it wouldn't change it. Hope you can still see it okay. If you wanna know anything about the clothes just ask. Dresses are from Jane Norman, Zara, Oasis and Republic.

As you can probably see coral was very in last summer and I loved it! Such a beautiful summer colour! Bought quite a few dresses in that colour. Other things that also was very in was gladiator sandals, leather jackets and the sailor look (blue/white stripy). This year pastel colours are gonna be very popular, especially nude and mint. I am already a really big fan of nude, I just need a tan to wear it I think. I have already bought a few nude things, I'll show you later. The sailor look still seems to be in this summer too so I can use some of my things from last year. I love the casual stripy top I'm wearing on one of the pictures, so that's perfect!

What do you guys think of this summers fashion?

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