Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friends the best TV show ever!

I am a big big fan of the TV show Friends! Definitely my favourite show of all time! It's just the most brilliant thing I've ever seen! I can watch it over and over again and it's still funny! I don't think there's any show in the world as good as Friends. I do watch a lot of TV shows, but nothing can beat Friends! The people behind this show really deserves some credit for their work. I know it's getting old now, but they still show it on TV every day! And people still talk about it a lot. Especially in my class. Most of us love the show. And there's always some funny scenes to talk about and laugh at. I just like how there's so many things in the show that you recognise in yourself and your life growing up. And the different characters are just so amazing! I really love that show! I think I use quotes from it every day, hehe.

Are you a fan of Friends too?

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Carl said...

Damn right my love, it's the best show ever! Could I be any more sure!! hehe