Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter holiday in the UK

It's Easter this week and I'm off school from Thursday. I'm going on holiday to the UK from Wednesday on. Really looking forward to having some time off. In case you didn't know my boyfriend is English and lives over there. I have also lived there myself when I was an au-pair for 9 months and my sister, husband and kid lives there too, so England is really my second home. They all live near the town Salisbury, a nice little place in south England. My boyfriend lives 5 minutes away from Stonehenge (picture below) so I've seen that place a lot of times.


Being a student I haven't got a lot of money or time off so I don't visit very often. Mostly he comes to Denmark every 3rd week or something like that. But for a change I get to go. Last time I was over was a weekend in February. We had a dress up night with the theme 1920's gangster and flapper. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to get back and party with everyone!

Amanda, Chris, Carl, me & Sammi

I have a lot of things planned for the time I'm there. I haven't seen the girls that I use to look after for over a year so I'm going to do that this time. Miss them so much. The picture of them is quite old, from when I lived there. I really can't wait to see them again!

Anna & Emily

Have you got any plans for Easter?


Miss Jeanett said...

Ej, jeg vil så gerne se Stonehenge en dag. Det er på min "must see" liste.

God tur og hils Carl!

Carl said...

Hey, I see there is some mention in this blog about a lovely boyfriend you have in England, so who's that then..... Det er mig!

Can't wait for Easter in the UK to hun, we have lots planned so I hope your ready!

Anne said...

Du tager da bare med næste gang jeg skal der over. I rejser jo så tit så en lille weekend i England kan det vel godt blive til? Så skal jeg nok guide jer til de gode steder at se :)

Mange tak

Carl said...

And thanks Jeanett! Hope your well too, and yes, I think Stonehenge is a must see place!