Saturday, May 22, 2010

Burn baby burn!

Let me first say this... I love the summer weather! It's so nice that it's finally here. BUT!! I did something really stupid yesterday. I went outside to catch some sun, which is a good plan now that it's here, but I forgot a few things. First of all I decided to do it midday, which is the hottest time of the day! And second, I didn't put any sun cream on! How stupid am I! I know, really not clever at all. And I feel really bad about it, especially with all the campaigns this summer about skin cancer!

Of course I burned myself really bad! And it hurts a lot! For some reason I always forget how bad it is until it happens, yes I've done this many times before... I should have learned my lesson by now, but I guess not! It's crazy how hot your skin feels after being burned and it just wont stop hurting! I would love to feel sorry for myself, but really it's my own fault. I just have to put on loads of after sun cream and stay away from the sun for a bit, which is what i've been doing today.

As you can see I was very pale white before and now my chest and arms are burning red!

Anyway, I'm having a BBQ with my parents tonight, really looking forward to some tasty food. Hope you're all having a good weekend!


Fuglen said...

avavavavav! Det ser sgu ikke godt ud - håber det er blevet bedre :D

Anne said...

Var meget overrasket over hvor længe det kunne gør ondt!! Men nu var jeg også meget hvid... Huden er så begyndt at falde af i dag, øv øv!

Fuglen said...

yikes! solcreme næste gang hva'?

Anne said...

jeg overvejer det! Mest af alt pga risikoen for hudkræft! Nu må vi se hvodan det går sommeren over. Hvis vi da får mere sommer! :/

Fuglen said...

JA, det er lidt sløjt med det :(