Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exam = busy times!

I can't believe I haven't been blogging for over a week. I am still getting use to the whole blogging thing and I sometimes just forget to be honest. Another reason is that i'm in the middle of exams and I've been crazy busy and stressed all week. I have so much work to do and I haven't had the energy or inspiration to do much on the blog, sorry!

I am really glad we've had these 2 extra days off in DK this week, really needed that. I've been working on finishing my portfolio the last three days and it's looking good so far. I have also done a lot on my website, but it's not online yet. I'll let you know when it is.

Anyway,it will all be over Friday next week! Yay! Can't wait to have that out of the way. Only 2 weeks left of school and I have to find myself a trainee job. I am looking forward to starting somewhere though, will be a good learning experience.

I hope to be back soon again, until then take care and have a good weekend everyone!

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