Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The summer is finally here!

Let's hope it stays for a while! I had a plan for today, but it changed a little when I found out how nice it was outside. I thought it would be stupid not to at least enjoy it a little, now that it's finally nice and summery! I therefore went on my bike down town for a couple of hours to have a look around. When I got back I went outside in the garden. Picture above shows what I was doing. Enjoying the weather, having a little snack and working on a short presentation for tomorrow's exam.

Bikini - Topshop, sunglasses - Boots

I was really warm outside in the sun so I was only wearing bikini, top and short! Can't believe the weather has suddenly changed like that! But I've been waiting for this for so long. Can't wait to wear all my summer clothes again and get some colour!

So what are you guys doing today? Enjoying the lovely weather?

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Stiene Saenen said...

I love your sunglasses! x