Thursday, May 6, 2010

Newbreed Girl Tees

I remember when I first saw some of these tees. I had a really good laugh about them. I think they are brilliant! Really funny and cute too! It's the company Newbreed Girl who's behind them. With a slogan saying: We take fun seriously! You can buy them online on their webpage or in Topshop who sells them too. They are quite pricey for t-shirts though, which is why I haven't bought any myself. But I love them! What do you think of them? Do you find them funny too?

Speech bubble: Can you handle this?

Speech bubble: I think you are hot!

Speech bubble: You're such a player

1 comment:

Carl said...

Hehe very funny, can't decide which is my favourite... Maybe the 'I'm to hot' t-shirt, and I think we know who that is hehe!